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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  August 6, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm MDT

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carjackings of aggressive type of crime that we see as police officers string of recent carjackings across the denver metro area hide the problem solvers walk you through different scenarios what you can do for happens to you. stay with us and america guns off taking harsh a crime of opportunity for the one you can prepare for their are some things to keepn stranger comes to you after there in your car and still in it. amanda explains. it is very concerning. technician john with the denver police department takes us inside the mind of a carjacker. individual is probably very aggressive individual is probably rushed almost always the victim is caught off guard. our first and area an armed suspect approaches the outside
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they key is to make you distract the suspect. that could work. accrete a situation where as the perpetrator becomes more aggravated with you puts you at risk might be better to comply hand over the keys and get out of there. scenario number two on knock on your window. the suspect has a gun. the reaction might be to step on the gas florida and flea. what if other vehicles are pedestrians are in the pat might be better to keep yourself and other safe and let the cargo. an unlocked door a stranger gets inside of your vehicle. best thing to do react immediately get out and run just remember technician white says there isri no ght way to be victimized. going to make a move if there is an opportunity as soon as you see take .
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enronment and staying alert you never know when it could happen to you. the problem solvers found out the one thing you absolutely should do though help you and police get a good description of the suspect. a horse of invest with west nile virus the fit r the state not aware of the horses ition tohi pres horse owner can get a vexing the proven to be a very effective prevention tool the horses display symptoms including tilt muscle tremors stumbling lack of tumbling back of coronation and weakness in the length. the tread is showing a high risk for the west nile virus in the county's department of public health issue statement indicating the highest risk is later this month and early september they suggest training any standing water around your house weekly also limit outdoor activities around dusk and dawn take other precautions like wearing insect repellent. different virus viruses causing concerns across america the zeke
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rage more on the buyers spreading mosquitoes other states we're zeke it could spread across the country. they we're to rid read the state of the get of the parts a nation are never see bracing for the virus to spread the height of mosquito season and cities like new orleans with hot muggy conditions are partilay more vulnerable. should not a matter of if we will face a locally transmitted se but rather when because it's likely will similar climates louisiana alabama mississippi georgia and texas have cracked a plan to combat zeke a the threat goes even farther this map the national center of atmospheric research shows all the states at risk with yellow being yelled risk. health officials say they don't expect widespread outbreak. we do expect it to see more zeke are cases for the only state does far to have local
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the rest the country and stopping and spread. is begun using airplanes to free insecticides the chemical spread across a 10-mile area early results seem promising with a high traps used to gauge effectiveness. mopping up water to deprive mosquitoes from lane there. see how widespread the virus may be. ford has waged a fierce public relations campaign please officers handing out zeke information pamphlets to tourists encourage them to use a bug repellent bug spray has became so prevalent stores have actually run out of it. also in short supply money was signed his hope would fund research to zeke of vaccine the white house and congress have been engage in a fiercpartan battle over one point 9,000,000,000 dollars he could find bil they've not been able to come
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fe mosquito control reimburse the state level into the state level will spend the money we needo the right in. zeke i isn't the only issue in florida the states also doing with the big algae problem right now people canceling trips and four is using a lot of tourism money fishing shop owner says he's already getting concerned calls about algae he believes he could to change a lot of travel plans to. try and tell people exactly what i know. a new study from florida's tourism crisis management initiative found more than half of all people considering a visit to florida are concerned enough about the allergy to actually delay their travel plans. and arizona relief may be on the way for people living in scottsdale yesterday this unit drivers that left thousands without power what you're looking at used to be a road there you can ask you see rescues helping people in the u-haul that got stuck.
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the five dallas please officers killed last month took joaquin cortes nearly two weeks to crte this tribute. the sculpture includes a bald eagle the dlas police department seal and the names of those fallen officers. and new jersey another touching tribute this one from a little league tea set of their names and numbers the players have names of officers killed in the line of duty on their jerseys packing up with the idea as a way to honor fallen officers and the coach also a 14 year veteran department police department thought it was a sitting tribute to officers killed on the job. we wanted to remember our brothers and sisters that have been lost. always great to see that coming from kids to the example. younger kids who look up to them. coming up at what's yellow
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if you're gas was this giant it's visiting the us will see what it's doing here and where it's going next. the rockies trying to bounce back after a late collapse. still watching radar it's been dry round here for the most part look over the mountains still a lot of moisture upstream we may still have one thunderstorm roll through denver get tonight more
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these are grillers. and we makthem at johnsonville. they've got way more flavor than ordinary burgers.
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, love 'em. because they're burgers. made the johnsonville way. constructionyear saint jude dream home done an open for them personalorourself and s inside the gorgeous kitchen and
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doing from oakwood homes is with us getting as a minute to her of the dream home. this is where the magic happens. eychiten tell me outhe kitcn. first thin youotice about they kch the kitchen is the large eat in island. something that'seay g. at oakwood home just a people around the iands. still plenty of space you can use this in the mornings. the kios here. a great place for a guy. a pary guy you can auay make bread on this and i spot called nice flat cold surface. i'not kidding. the refrigerator is huge. look at the wine rack above the refrigerator. another thing that oakwood homes does. it's like the four burners.
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it has its own zip code. one other thing to focus on may kids they keep an open to our family for the big in terms of being they kitchen and preparing food and still be able to mingle what those. i absolutely love it. we need less more bridges. that's all we need is for you to come down check out the dream home that's all that's waiting for you. though yourself up in house tours on saturday from nine to five sunday from noon to five you can go see it tomorrow the house on the corner of east saratoga off the tailgate crossing neighborhood of aurora you can register for another prize the 10,000 dollars shopping spree from furniture row. how can have the chance to win the dream home also help same dream child syndrome child the dream of doing with in my a ticket for hundred dollars.
5:44 pm also a limited number of tickets will be sold be sure to get yours before they sell out. pinpoint weather with meteorologist chris. if you just walking out the door this evening my not done with the rain aren't thunderstorm threat we may actually have one more roll right to the denver metro area all take you back in time and show you where is been coming from. you looking southbridge pretty cool time lapse here over the top of the san ones. part of the dallas divide you can see two storms three storms right there blowing through and a fourth one all of them downpours and lightning one of the reasclonb before noon and the colorado rockies out at the rockies. you have some people filling up the stands take a rain jacket if you're headed out there tonight 81 degrees. high in the denver area kind of
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mountain so here's radar satellites. we been watching this line as is moving towards denver all indications are that ms. bond of brief downpour or thunderstorm as it comes across indeed here's our live radar look what's going on always a little more up to date than the other radars that i go showed you you can see what's happening on the front end of this starting to blow up a little bit in the form of a couple of out of nederland for example headed towards el dorado springs and also cold creek and one to the south of that. both of them hold together with side right across the i 25 corridor. eighty-one right now that's our current are high we're still sitting at that mark 82 downtown 81 in stapleton 70s and 80s on the westside of denver pinpoint future cast as he had the night indicates that line comes through they may still have a little bit of rain moving
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then everything moves away as far as that thunderstorm and rain threads we may have fog this big white area north of denver that is fog for northern colorado into tomorrow morning we start sunny and denver we're still sunny at the lunch hour look at the storms over the mountains they'll roll downhill try to come a crossed our 25 and denver during the afternoon tomorrow. but eventually moved away highs tomorrow warmer than today by 5 degrees 85 for temperature. the denver area tomorrow 85 for stapleton 86 is on the westside of town. seventys and black hawk 80 for evergreen tomorrow if you look at a break it down at times that fog up north mimi sunny here in denver turning partly cloudy at launch a there is our threat of rain and storms for the afternoon met threat is roughly 20 percent 85 degrees over the
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happens 87 on monday tomorrow and monday very similar days. the monsoon the seasonable moisture starts to ease tuesday wednesday thursday temperatures go up initially to 90 and then they come down by the end of the week we really try out. the temperatures dip down below 60 degrees in the morning. fifty-five for our morning temperature that's pretty county look up the windows. you would need of really big bad blood to his brash a lounge with his larger-than-life rubber ducky the largest rubber duck while the ducks, ducks making a stop in green bay. 61 feet tall 60 feet around tuna half hours half hours two months later.
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coming up next and sports the broncos are five day away from the exhibition opener i would getting any closer to know who will be the quarterback. coming up next and sports which broncos quarterback is benefiting from the fact the that came to leave is still
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you can't fault a guy for trying. hard to believe the broncos are playing with hartford intent in just five days obviously the exhibition season while a lot to do with who says behind center come that first week of september if you're keeping score another good day for trevor simeon and not so good for mark sanchez for a touchdown by bradley roby the second picks six and three practices that sanchez has thrown for his part robie is able to get his hand on the football after a few near misses throughout the rest of camps. i finally got a pick make some pics this camp but i was able to make it happen did my job read the quarterback.
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everyone's wearing about death in the secondary turns out is abstinence is given other guys added wraps and 1/guy who's making the most of it happens to be standing by with our candy. talk about the young guys on this defense getting more reps because the defense of players missing parts of training camp one guy who's benefited a lot from that came thing sidelined a second-year quarterback 20 nixon they kid year his head was spinning bernie had to play in the nfl this season is a totally different experience. going in with my position group every day was learning what i need to work on and everything i need to learn to actually make this team this year and give it a good strive. on this looking forward to the secondary.
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nixon says there's two guys on this roster who he considers his mentors chris harris junior and demarcus ware of course we're not practicing at all during this training camp he suffering from a back injury taking it very slow but where's this guys that a pyer set is need to be on the field to lead acting headquarters fox 31 denver. the rockies play with 100 time on the season tonight so sure is still a long way to go but you hate letting chances like the through your fingers especially if you believe like i do baseball i do baseball billy is a game of inches rockies appeared to have done all the heavy lifting last night they raised a 1-0 deficit. all they needed was three outs he ninth. one of the two teams are facing for the national excitement wild-card instead carlos says they can't hold the floor in the ninth. now they lose back under 504
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we'vhad things like that the first hit are two not real sharp and is settles. usually here he works his way out of those. i think it's a matter -- even worse than that. and i get through. every time i get it out it's a different story. the 3.09 era in his last three starts gives the ball tonight rockies have won four straight series they need this on tonight if there are to have a chance at of fifth in a row the rapids trying to get back on the rails sense still in second place in the mls and six points off of five ? one thrashing at new york post in vancouver tonight.
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bring in on our umbrella or a rain jacket. one last thunderstorm is moving right through denver the same tomorrow in the afternoon our storm chances look at the 90s coming back. take a look at this for 80 years old this american alligator is looking pretty good he's getting some special treatment this serbian zoo claims he's the oldest cap it american alligator in the world if he could talk this gator what have stories to tell surviving of world war and three bombings despite his age of 2012 surgery the reptile is said to be in good health.
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is it like dog years. for instant news and updates anytime of the day the or you can dnload the fr wasee right back here for
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a stay-at-home mom from flower mound, texas... ...a fourth-grade teacher field hills, michigan... ...and our returning champion, an attorney from sacramento, california... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek!


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